New 5800 XpressMusic V 30.0.011 Firmware Released Officially

Disappointing news for those eagerly awaiting a major update of the 5800 (kinetic scrolling, enhanced homescreen) which I reported earlier, this new firmware is just a minor update.

Users report a new email plug-in on the homescreen (usually comes out after a hard reset), bug fixes and speed improvements.

It's available thru OTA (over the air) in most regions.

If you've noticed any other changes, please comment below!

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1 comment:

  1. this firmware should have been called 22.0.011
    wt* nokia from firmware version 21. to 30.
    with only two upgraded things ?!!
    1- volume controls pop when you click the album art area and you ca change volumes using your fingers
    2- email notifactions wich i don't think any one uses :P