Confirmed: Kinetic Scrolling, Enhanced Homescreen, Camera Improvements for the 5800 in Next Firmware Update

A dailymobile forum member has just been to a meet and greet session with the guys over at Nokia Malaysia to preview the upcoming 5530 XpressMusic and to mainly get feedback from 5800 users.

When asked about a new firmware update, the Nokia product manager confirms that there is one in testing stage, which will include
kinetic scrolling(like the N97 and the upcoming 5530), enhanced homescreen (like the n97) , and better camera results.

Update: According to the same forum member, the homescreen will just be the same as the 5530, not the N97.

Here's a quote from his post:

"The purpose of the meet and greet session was actually to get feedback from Nokia 5800 users. Kind of like a focus group. There were about 10+ of us there during the event and we expressed all our unhappiness about the phone. So here is what I got.

Apparently Nokia is aware of the new firmware update we are looking for. So v31 (or whatever it is going to be called) is confirmed coming. Right now they are in the process of testing the enhanced homescreen and kinetic scrolling on the Nokia 5800 amongst other things like camera improvements, response time, frequent crash.. etc.

But like I said, its still in the testing process. Bear in mind, the Nokia 5530 does have a faster processor than the Nokia 5800 and also certain hardware inside is different. When asked what is the rough date of the firmware release, Nokia is not able to give a date because they are still a long way in the testing.

From the looks of it, its not coming anytime this quarter of the year. Reason? They'd have to release the Nokia 5530 first before anything else. Also, of course it makes sense because the N97 was recently released and they have to let that simmer in a while. But hey guys, chill out! At least Nokia is aware of what we need...."

Here's the link to the forum with a couple of live pictures and comments about the 5530 XpressMusic.

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  1. oh thats a good news...so kinetic scrolling is finally there, phew!!!

    hope they release it soon.