N97 Price Outrageous: Nokia

Expansys, an online mobile phone store, has pegged the soon to be released (this June) Nokia N97 at 774.99 EUR (around $973)! But good news...a Nokia spokesperson called the figure “outrageous”.


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  1. This is outrageously priced. 37000 is too much man. Look at Nokia 5800 xpress music(http://www.iphonekiller.com/2009/02/14/nokia-5800-full-specifications), its at 19000 Rs but gives you almost everything other that physical qwerty it has on-screen qwerty and used the same Symbiam S60 v 5 OS. You dont really need 5 MP camera, 3.5 is more than sufficient and delivers extremely crisp pics and videos.
    I am not burning 37000 in times of recession...come on Nokia India what happened to your market sense, you could have sold billions of sets had you priced it reasonably. This is just an ounce better that Nokia 5800 (Uses the same OS - Symbian S60v5), so price shouldnt be more than 25K