O2 UK CEO Hints at 3G iPhone Launch Date

The 3G version of the iPhone will be unveiled "in the coming weeks", the boss of Apple's exclusive mobile phone partner in the UK and Ireland hinted today.

Speculation is rife that Apple will reveal the 3G version of the phone at its Worldwide Developers' Conference in San Francisco, which starts on June 9.

Apple has not released any technical details for the next-generation iPhone, but it is widely expected to include 3G connectivity. This would let users download data such as high-quality video much faster, and could even support mobile TV.

Speaking after the announcement of O2's first-quarter results, the chairman and chief executive of Telefónica Europe Matthew Key said his company will be making an announcement with Apple in "the coming weeks".

Asked exactly when the 3G phone will be available he said: "That's more of a question for Apple ... but over the coming weeks we will do a joint announcement with Apple as Telefónica Group".

O2 has a "multi-year" exclusive deal to sell the iPhone in the UK and Ireland and will be the Californian group's partner for the new version of the phone. It has already sold out of the basic 8GB version of the current model.

source: guardian, engadget

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