SNES for the iPhone Video Demo

In case you’ve forgotten, ZodTTD is the same group that brought NES and Playstation emulation to the iPhone / iPod Touch. With snes4iphone they’ve tackled, well yeah, SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System).

Looking back from Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, it’s easy to forget how great Super Nintendo was. Star Fox, Super Smash Bros, Tecmo Super Bowl, Bebe’s Kids… The list of classics goes on and on.

Now thanks to ZodTTD, all 16 bits of glorious gaming fury can be enjoyed on your mobile. Gameplay is fast and smooth, portrait and landscape modes are supported as is game-state saving. There is still some work to do such as adding audio support, but it’s more than usable as is. Add the ZodTTD source in Installer.app to load it up or click through for the download.

source: bgr

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