S60 Plans/Demos for 3GSM Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

S60, built on Symbian OS, is the world's leading smartphone platform - open to continuous innovation and the growing capabilities of mobile devices, S60 provides end-users with a mobile experience that delivers quick and easy access to the content and services that matter most. As an industry leader, S60 already provides a widely adopted, open platform that creates a unique market for innovation and increased business potential for the whole ecosystem.

Visitors to the S60 stand will be treated to a view of the latest S60 platform features, applications, technologies and devices. Stand visitors are also offered to tune their own S60 device. S60 stand can be found from Hall 8, stand number 8B169.

S60 demos at MWC (February 11-14 2008)

New Innovations in S60 UI
While the S60 design is kept familiar and consistent S60 renews and innovates to fill different user needs and provides alternatives for developers, manufacturers and Operators to design new type of applications, mobile devices and services. Now S60 expands the UI offering by Touch UI with tactile feedback to create new type of devices and applications and by UI Accelerator Toolkit to create graphically stunning applications.

Advanced sensors and sensor framework
S60 UI expands with sensors and advanced sensor framework. Sensors provide easy and entertaining way to engage with your devices while sensor framework opens this new exiting world to developers and licensees for new innovations.

Full Web browsing experience on S60
Web Browser for S60 provides best-in-class full web browsing experience on smartphones. Recent enhancements in this area - e.g. support for commonly used Flash Video content type and improved content download support - provide an even more desktop-like browsing experience.

Bring your Internet innovation to S60
Developers and designers can create exciting ways to connect and share using well-known desktop-class technologies (HTML, CSS, Flash) combined with the power of Internet information.

Powerful technology to create innovative experiences
Experienced developers can expand the capabilities of mobile devices and leverage the creativity of open source communities using powerful runtime technologies (C++, Open C, Java, Python).

S60 and Internet Community Services
A growing number of popular Internet community services are being mobilized on the open S60 platform. Optimized and integrated in-device client applications provide excellent user experience for users to connect to services that are relevant to them. They can also take advantage of device functionalities - such as GPS for location information - to go even beyond the desktop PC user experience.

S60 Device Showcase
The latest S60 devices at your finger tips.

Tune my S60
Let's tune your S60 device and open it for new features! Decorate your personal S60 device with some free and funky add-on applications such as themes, wallpapers and ringtones. Match your own S60 handset to your style!

source: s60.com

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