S60 Touch UI Info

S60.com has updated their information regarding the new Touch UI that was announced at the Symbian Smartphone Show recently in London. The pages now give insight into the new abilities and opportunities that the touch UI offers, as well as a flash demo of different screens and transmissions.

There are apparently three key principles that have shaped the design of the new UI:

1. User Enjoyment - the UI needs to be fun without ever compromising its usability.

2. Smart Simplicity - usability tests have been conducted around the world with different languages and cultures.

3. Expandable Experiences - giving users the ability to decide not only what features they want on their handset, but also how the UI looks and feels.

As part of this, they've also released the Haze visual theme, which is available here for installation on all S60v3 devices.

source: symbian-guru

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