SE W910i Recalled by Orange

Sony Ericsson W910 has been taken off the market after a great number of such mobile phones presented various problems. Unsatisfied customers are returning them at a great rate, much to the panic of Orange stores and the producer as well.

It's a real shame to see that Sony Ericsson seems to be experiencing problems with its W910 phone model as well. After all, it was one of the most appealing and evolved devices that this producer recently brought out on the market.

Among the errors that Sony Ericsson W910 seems to be packing is that it switches itself off after ten seconds and does not answer calls. These are pretty shocking issues with the device, as they are actually the most basic features that a cellular is supposed to handle, like staying turned on when the battery is full and allowing the user to place and receive calls.

Orange offered a new mobile phone instead of the faulty one to all customers that came in to complain about their purchases. Still, this didn't seem to solve the problem, as many of them returned just a few days later to complain that the new device had the same problems. This led to Orange's decision of recalling the first shipment of Sony Ericsson W910.

The handset is one of the top devices that Orange had to offer in its lineup. With 3G, a huge 2.4 inch screen and 2 megapixel camera the phone proves to be one of the most evolved from this producer's Walkman line of devices. Still, the situation is even more shameful as the number of handsets coming from this producer which have been reported to have software or design problems has been pretty high over the years.

The producer now claims that all problems have been solved and that Sony Ericsson W910 is ready to meet its owners at Orange retail stores.

source: softpedia

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