SE K850i and W910i HSDPA Problem?

Sony Ericsson K850 and W910 are both listed as HSDPA-capable phones, but in extensive tests in several locations all over Stockholm Mobil Magazine has not been able to get more than regular 3G speeds, never any faster connections.

A first call to Sony Ericsson Technical Support gives us the clue that an icon the a H- or 3G+ symbol is shown when the phone is connected via HSDPA. This icon is never shown in the display during our tests. A later contact with Sony Ericsson suggests that the icon does not show HSDPA connection.

- The icon is not an indicator of the speed available. It is only connected to various parameters of the mobile network, Rikard Skogberg, Category Manager at Sony Ericsson tells us.

Connecting our phones, two different Sony Ericson W910 and one Sony Ericsson K850, to a computer measuring data bit rate gives us the same answer as before. The phones do not provide HSDPA speeds. We have performed the tests in several different locations in Stockholm with HSDPA coverage available and with SIM cards from both mobile operators Telia and 3, both cards working fine serving HSDPA speeds when used in phones from competitors like LG and Nokia.

Hearing about the results of our tests Rikard Skoglund is surprised.
- We have not got any feedback regarding this from our operator partners.

On Thursday evening Skogberg tells us they have been able to connect in HSDPA speeds using the 3 HSDPA network, but that connecting at the same speed using Telia's network failed.

In a written statement following our interview with Rikard Skogberg Sony Ericsson states that they have been able to connect booth W910 and K850 at HSDPA speeds and once again emphasizes that no feedback regarding this problem had reached Sony Ericsson.

Sony Ericsson has today been given the opportunity to examine one of the three phones Mobil Magazine has been using performing these tests. However, Sony Ericsson's own Technical Support has given us the information no additional setting is needed except for the usual 3G data settings and the phones used is equipped with the latest software available.

According to Rikard Skogberg performing tests later with the very same phone has been able to connect in HSDPA speeds using Three and Telenor networks in Kista and the Telia network in Farsta.

There is however not yet any explanation to why Mobil's tests using usb-cable and Sony Ericssons own software did not show the same results.

source: mobilmagazine

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  1. I was going to order a K850i today, now I will hold off until I hear this HSDPA issue is resolved.

    Melbourne, Australia.