Nokia N82 Spotted in the Wild in Buenos Aires

A Nokia executive was spotted in Buenos Aires with a brand new Nokia N82, to be launched this friday. The announcement day was confirmed along with its features, already leaked on the web.

The version spotted has a silver case, different from the black phone that was leaked a few days ago. It reminds an N73, but thicker, with the same 2,4 inch screen, front VGA camera for video calls and an aluminum keyboard. On the back, the N82 has a 5 megapixel camera equal to the one in Nokia N95, but with an exclusive xenon flash.

“The N82 is a lot faster taking pictures than the N95. It has no difference in experience from a dedicated digital camera” said the executive that recieved the phone on the day before. The quote suggests that Nokia has solved a main issue with the N95 - its latency between photos.

The new phone from Nokia, which will be launched on a London event on November 2nd, also has a built-in GPS, Wi-Fi and UMTS/HSPDA support. Other N95 specs are present, such as the 3,5 mm audio plug, microSD slot and USB 2.0 interface.

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