Chinese E28 Smartphone, the Google Phone?

On the heels of the latest Google and Verizon announcement, we've just confirmed a tip from an industry insider that China's e28 is going to be a Google Gphone software and handset manufacturer (this is from one source only - not two as we usually receive). We have not been able to confirm whether the Chinese smart phone manufacturer will have the exclusive Gphone software and handset rights. E28 is a leading provider of mobile Linux convergence technology and will fit the Google mantra of keeping everything open.

Choosing e28 as the Gphone manufacturer and Linux software provider is an ingenious move that will certainly trump the popularity of the iPhone. Imagine a phone that makes calls using a low cost VOIP system on cellular networks and WIFI while seamlessly integrating data across diverse technology platforms. Add to that an open platform that will allow any programmer to develop add-on applications (see Facebook) and you have the makings of a revolution in Mobile technology.

source: indiastreet

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