Nokia E61i Latest Firmware Update Available

There is a new firmware available for Nokia E61i. There is nothing about the firmware on Nokia's device software update page yet, but the software is available when using Nokia Software Updater. The new firwmare version is 2.0633.65.01 .

It is important to note that availability of new device firmware depends on a number of factors. Region, language and of course carrier version are variables that influence when new firmware is available.

Note: Predictive text available in phone settings, but does not function?!
(qwerty phones from Nokia do not usually have predictive text)

The update, also includes changes/enhancements to:

  • Web browser
  • Bluetooth
  • VoIP
  • WLAN
More at: e-series.org

source: allaboutsymbian, e-series.org

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  1. nokia news for E61i users interested in updating to 2.0x firmware.

    Nokia E61i software removed - 7 April 2008

    Support for E61i has temporarily been removed from the Nokia Software Updater service. Other Nokia products are not affected. Support will be reintroduced as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.