Motorola 2008 Phones Leak - Fake or Real?

When it comes to the leaks about the upcoming phones, there’s nothing like a good brawl between respected mobile news sites about whose sources are the best.

Just such a “discussion” occurred last week between Dutch GSM Helpdesk and Boy Genius Report in the U.S. As we reported earlier, GSM Helpdesk has spotted a new Motorola phone lineup for 2008, one of them a really impressive multimedia monster with 8 megapixel camera codenamed “Scarven”.

Boy Genius Reporters, which usually have a really good inside line into Motorola, with earlier reports about RAZR2 and other MOTO goodies, went out to their sources and came back empty handed. Actually their sources called the photos, specs and everything else GSM Helpdesk reported fake.

And now it’s time for the third round. GSM Help Desk checked with their source, that provided the pictures and got the confirmation that the phones do indeed exist. They even managed to get Motorola Managing Director for Benelux Fergal Donovan on quote:

“The Motorola Skarven will become the new flagship of Motorola. Eight megapixel cameras and optical zoom will be the main points of Motorola in 2008. The Motorola Skarven will be a kick-slider, just as the Motorola RIZR Z8″

So there you have have it. The phones are real !!! No they are fake !!! No they are for real !!! Which one to believe?

With some lingering doubts, I’m currently in the corner of GSM HelpDesk. The pictures could certainly have been of better quality, but they look real enough, and getting a concrete person on quote is even more convincing.

But I guess, we’ll have to wait and see how this story finally plays out.

source: unwired view

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