LG Prada (Vu) and Shine Updates on AT&T

We'd recently mentioned that LG was about take it to the limit with AT&T by pushing out two of its halo devices -- the Shine slider and Prada luxury touchphone -- over the course of the next few months.

We'd also mentioned that AT&T would debut the "Vu" branding for the devices, and while we still haven't figured out whether that's pronounced "voo" or "view," we can provide a bit of an update on how that branding's gonna go down. It turns out that the Shine will hang on to the Shine name, probably a good idea considering the global appeal the name has garnered (Chocolate, anyone?), while the Prada will be christened the Vu. Thing is, we're hearing it'll come in two versions: the Vu with MediaFLO mobile TV (we're still reeling from the fact that AT&T actually made that move) and the Vu2 without.

So yeah, if you only wanted AT&T to carry this thing so that you could get the Prada branding slapped on a carrier-subsidized handset, you're probably out of luck for the time being -- but regardless of what it's called, it should be an exceptionally hot device and a helluva competitor for that Voyager over there on Verizon, a phone that just happens to hail from the same manufacturer. What tangled webs we weave!

source: engadgetmobile

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