First Look Review: Nokia's N900 or RX-51 - 'Feels Like the iPhone'

Running on the Maemo platform, the upcoming N900 or RX-51 gets a hands-on by Mobile-Review's Eldar.

Here are just some of his positive comments on the phone:

"Due to variety of visual effects, smooth transitions and decent reaction time of the touch screen (which is a significant improvement over the Nokia N97), the N900 feels more like the Apple iPhone. At the same time its UI looks nothing like that of the iPhone - it's just different, but eye-candy nonetheless (maybe somewhat similar to HTC's products). Everyone who had a chance to play with it noted that it didn't look like any other Nokia-branded device, yet it was an enjoyable experience overall."

"The phone’s 800x480 pixel resistive screen (pretty responsive, by the way) is great for watching videos and the kickstand mounted on the N900 only helps the experience."

"But what I can say for now is that it's the true mobile powerhouse in every sense of this word, that comes wrapped in a very eye-candy and functional UI at that."

So go on over to mobile-review.com for the full review...

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