iPhone 3GS Announced Today With Video Recording, 3MP Autofocus Camera, Voice Control - Same Exterior Only Faster

Here's the content of Apple's WWDC Keynote (iPhone info only):

Note: Scroll down to the bottom for the start

12:02 pmA robot camera thinks the iPhone is the same as before, but then the new features are briefly highlighted (mainly video capture). Keynote Ends.

12:02 pmShowing a new ad.
12:01 pmIn the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK. A week later, 6 more countries. Many more to come this summer
12:01 pmThe iPhone 3GS will be available on June 19th.
12:01 pmThe iPhone 3G 8GB will be available for $99 today.
12:00 pmApple wants the iPhone to be more affordable. The existing 8GB iPhone 3G will remain -- for $99.
12:00 pmThose are AT&T prices for new and qualifying customers; may vary elsewhere. Comes in black and white, as before.
11:59 am$199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB.
11:59 amShips with iPhone OS 3.0 for $199.
11:58 amMost eco-friendly iPhone yet -- arsenic-free glass, BRF-free, mercury-free LCD, etc.
11:58 amImproved battery life. Now up to 9 hours of internet surfing, 10 hours of video, 30 hours of audio, 12 hours of 2g talk-time, 5 hours of 3g talk-time.
11:57 amInstant remote wipe, encrypted iTunes backups.
11:57 amSomething business have asked for -- data encryption, which iPhone 3GS supports.
11:56 amSupport for Nike+
11:56 amNew accessibility options -- VoiceOver for content and controls, zooming, color inversion, mono audio, etc.
11:55 amNew compass app shows your orientation, integration with Maps -- if you double click, the map will reorientate itself.
11:55 amAlso -- a digital compass.
11:55 amYou can also ask "what's playing now?" and it will tell you. Or say "play more songs like this" and a genius playlist will be built.
11:54 amWith the iPhone 3GS, you hold down the home button for a second and a voice control interface is brought up. Simply say things like "Call Scott Forstall" -- if there are more than one entries, it will ask which one you wanted (i.e. home, office, etc) -- or "play The Killers"
11:53 amThere is an API for video too, which allows developers to integrate video capture into their apps. Next -- voice control.
11:52 amThe videos live alongside photos in the same application. You can scrub a video and edit it too. You can share the video right from your iPhone 3GS to YouTube, MobileMe, MMS, and email.
11:51 amThe camera application has a switch that lets you swap between still photo and video mode. 30FPS, VGA with audio, auto-focus, auto-white balance, auto-exposure.
11:50 amDevelopers can take advantage of the camera too. But the best thing is -- it also captures video.
11:50 amAlso features tap-to-focus. Tap on the part of the photo you want to focus, and it automatically does so. Automatically handles exposure and white balance. Better low-light sensitivity as well. Also, auto-macro -- as close as 10cm away.
11:49 amVastly more pictures on Flickr from iPhones than any other phone. Now featuers 3MP auto-focus camera.
11:48 amAlso has amazing features -- brand new camera.
11:48 amSupports OpenGL|ES 2.0 -- great for games. Supports 7.2Mbps HSPDA.
11:47 am2.1x faster to launch Messages, 2.4x to load SimCity, 3.6x faster to load an Excel attachment, 2.9x faster to load a large website.
11:47 amNo front-facing video camera. The insides are entirely new, but the outside appears the same.
11:46 amHe's now ready to tell us about a new version of the iPhone -- iPhone 3GS. S stands for speed.
11:46 am50,000 apps on iPhone, 4,900 for Android, 1,088 for Nokia (total), Blackberry (1,030), Palm (18). He makes a joke about not being able to see the last company name (Palm).
11:45 amReviewing how successful the iPhone has been -- iPhone makes up of 65% of all mobile web usage.
11:44 amThat is iPhone OS 3.0. Phil Schiller has retaken the stage.
11:43 amUrging developers to re-test their apps and set parental ratings.
11:43 amFor all paid developers, the GM seed is available today.
11:42 amScott Forstall back on stage. "Our job is to make developers successful." iPhone OS 3.0 will be available for free to all iPhone users (3G and original). $9.99 for iTouch users. Available worldwide on June 17th.
11:41 amCan adjust guitar tuning without actually physically changing anything -- nothing can be demoed however, as the hardware accessory isn't communicating with the iPhone.
11:39 amMore demo technical difficulties -- trying to show how easy it is to switch between settings on an amp and guitar.
11:37 amFinal demo -- Line6 and Planet Waves. Together they are working on a solution to control your guitar and amp from your iPhone.
11:36 amOnce at the lot to pickup your car, you can tap the horn icon and the actual car horn will honk so you can easily find it. The car can be unlocked this way too.
11:35 amThe Zipcar app lets you immediately find and reserve a nearby Zipcar. With the iPhone OS 3.0 MapKit, the app embeds a user-friendly Google map.
11:33 amZipcar is the leading car sharing services with over 300,000 members and cars all over the US and UK.
11:33 amAvailable in the App store this fall. Next up, Zipcar.
11:32 amThe app charts the sensor data in real-time. The demo didn't work though -- nothing was sensed. Playing a pre-recorded demo.
11:31 amUsing hardware accessory support in iPhone OS 3.0, users can hook up sensors to the app to perform experiments.
11:30 amNext, Pasco -- formed 45 years ago, now focuses on teaching sciences to children.
11:29 amAlso adding "Plus Network" -- head-to-head play anytime, anywhere. The game is launching today for $5.99; 3.0 features available around when iPhone 3.0 OS is released.
11:28 amDemoing their new game, Star Defense. An amazing tower defense game, 3D with multi-touch support, expansions sold through in-app purchases.
11:26 amNext up, ngmoco:) -- founded exclusively to bring games to the iPhone.
11:26 amAvailable this summer. Will be released with national and international maps.
11:26 amThanks to the iPhone 3.0 accessory framework, it provides more accurate GPS, speakerphone, plays iPhone media on car stereo, and even charges it.
11:25 amDelivers all expected TomTom features in an iPhone interface. Includes text-to-speech to announce directions. They will sell an optional accessory that safely attaches an iPhone to a car.
11:23 amNext up -- TomTom. Showing turn-by-turn directions app.
11:22 amGreat for students -- bringing a large number of textbooks to the store. Coming to the App Store soon.
11:22 amThe book downloads directly through the app. Lets users copy a part of the book and email it without ever leaving the app.
11:21 amUses in-app purchases to let customers buy books directly through the app. Made deals to bring 50 magazines, 70 newspapers, 1 million books. Showing in-app purchase.
11:20 amNext demo, ScrollMotion -- creates digital books for the App Store.
11:18 amApp supports custom Push notifications based on parameters you define. Shows a live monitor of the patient's vitals from anywhere.
11:17 amAirstrip lets medical professionals monitor patient medical data. The medical community is flocking to the iPhone because of apps like this. Showing their next app, Critical Care.
11:16 amMark Hickey from Gameloft is unveiling a new game, Asphalt 5, which he claims will be the best racing game on iPhone. Lets you play music from your library while you drive, advanced lighting and graphics -- fully pushing the hardware, Peer to Peer multiplayer over Bluetooth, worldwide multiplayer over wifi in-game voicechat, content packs for sale (1 racktrack and 3 new cars for 99 cents). Next demo, Airstrip.
11:13 amBringing up several developers to show what they've been able to accomplish with iPhone OS 3.0. First, Gameloft.
11:13 amPush notifications can include pop-up alerts, sounds, and App icon badges.
11:12 amDevelopers can embed Google Maps easily into their applications (including custom annotations, geocoding, etc). Turn-by-turn direction apps supported. Next, Push notifications.
11:11 amAccessories can work through the Dock connector or Bluetooth. Can use standard protocols or build custom protocols. Next, Maps.
11:10 amThose are only a few of the 100+ features of iPhone OS 3.0. It is a great developer release too -- 100+ new APIs: in-app purchases (same business terms as app sales), Peer to Peer connectivity (easy multiplayer gaming -- Bluetooth, not Wifi), opening up support for hardware accessories that can talk to the software.
11:08 amIf your phone really is lost or stolen, you can send it a remote wipe command that will delete all of your data (mail, contacts, etc). If you do find the phone, it will be restored from a backup.
11:07 amLets you send your phone a message -- a special alert sound will play, regardless if your phone is on silent or not.
11:06 amShowing a 30 Rock clip of Liz losing her phone. Find My iPhone is available to MobileMe customers -- it's a service. You can login to MobileMe on any browser and see where your phone is on a Google Map.
11:05 amHTML5 support as well -- Apple has been pushing the standard. Now, Languages -- even more languages (Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Korean, Thai) -- users can easily switch between languages thanks to the software-based keyboard. All supported on both portrait and landscape keyboard layouts. Now talking about "Find My iPhone"
11:03 amNow, Safari on iPhone. JavaScript benchmark performed on current iPhone OS in 126 seconds. 3X on iPhone OS 3. Support for HTTP streaming audio and video -- automatically determines best quality for your connection. Auto-fill support for usernames, passwords, and contact information (contact info comes from Address Book).
11:02 amTethering is a seamless experience -- once it's on, you don't have to run any additional software. Requires carrier support -- 22 supported carriers when launched -- AT&T was not included.
11:01 amiTunes U is now supported in the iTMS on iPhone as well. Parental controls -- especially fine-grain over movies -- even over apps from the App Store. Internet tethering -- can use your phone's internet connection on your computer (Mac or PC) using USB or Bluetooth.
10:59 amEnhancements to iTunes -- rent and purchase movies right from your phone. Can also purchase TV shows, music, and audiobooks.
10:59 amCut/copy/paste/undo (works across all apps), landscape mode in Mail/Notes/Messages, MMS support (send and receive photos/contacts/audio files/locations) in Messages app (29 carriers in 76 countries will support MMS at launch -- AT&T not until later this summer), search (mail -- even on server, calendars, media, notes), spotlight (search everything in one place -- first page of the home screen).
10:56 amNow talking about iPhone OS 3.0. Major update -- 100 new features.
10:55 amSwitching between lots of customers quickly naming their favorite app. The video has ended.
10:53 amDevelopers (Airstrip, EA, Igloo Games, MLB.com, etc) talking about how the iPhone / App Store has changed their businesses and lives.
10:50 amPlaying a video of developers telling their story.
10:49 amIt has been an incredible year for the iPhone -- 1,000,000 SDK downloads, 50,000 Apps on the App Store, 40M iPhones/iPod Touches sold, 1B+ apps downloaded.


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