Nokia Audio Smileys Application

Audio Smileys
is a cute little application that allows you to play funny sounds to express your feelings. It is mostly targeted for youngsters, but of course, anyone can use it for fooling around with friends, or pulling pranks at co-workers. Once launched, just press keys 1...9 on your keypad to play the sound. In addition, you can create your own audio smileys with the built-in audio smiley editor.

Should work on all* latest Nokia devices based on S60 or Series 40, with traditional keypad. Partially works on devices with QWERTY-keypad (only the center key can play sounds). Does not work on touch screen devices.

* = requires Java version CLDC-1.1 and MIDP-2.0.

Known issues:

* Series 40: when key is pressed, wait for the sound to end before pressing another key. Phone may freeze or crash if keys are pressed too fast.
* Volume bar at the bottom might not be entirely visible with some phone models.
* About picture customization:
Some S60 phones cannot load pictures of more than 400kB.
Series 40 phones cannot usually load pictures of more than 30kB.
* Performance depends on the phone model

Click here to go to:
Nokia Beta Labs Download Site

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