Quick Tour of the Nokia Image Exchange Application From Beta Labs


Automatic Account Creation

You only need to allow Image Exchange to use network connections and it creates an account for you automatically. Your account is tied to your mobile phone number.

You can sign-in to the web service with the created account credentials.

Automatic Back-Up and Sync

Image Exchange transfers all images from your mobile to your private web account. No manual uploading is needed. Images added to your web account are transferred to your mobile.

The changes to image information are kept in sync between web and the mobile.

Instant Sharing

Image Exchange utilizes your existing contacts and adds other Image Exchange users automatically to whom you can share your images with. No configuration is needed.

Shared images are pushed to your contacts in a few seconds.

Keep Up With Your Friends

People who are in your contacts and whose contacts you are in, are shown under People-menu. You can access your friends' latest images easily and are informed when they have either published or shared new images.

In similar fashion, images that you publish or share appear under their People-menu automatically.

Upload & Download

Web interface allows you not only to browse images but upload new ones. New uploads are transferred to your mobile for viewing.

As all your images are stored on your web account, you are free to download them to your PC, Mac or Linux via supported web browsers.

Standalone Gallery for S60

Image Exchange functions as a fast standalone image gallery for supported S60 devices. Browse images on a timeline, mark your favorite shots and skim through your images quickly in grid.

Download it here

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