Nokia Countdown Timer Up Again for Nokia World 2008

With the Nokia countdown timer up again for the "Nokia World 2008" event, there are a lot of speculations (most people believe its an N-Series) on what product will be launched, most especially because no one in the internet world has uncovered any leaks, which has always been the bane of Nokia product launches.

Here's a report by Reuters:

Nokia, the world's largest cellphone maker, will unveil an "interesting" phone to strengthen its product and service offerings later on Tuesday, a company official said late on Monday. "There's going to be some interesting hardware," said Udo Szabo, a senior manager for Nokia's service business, in a speech at a Mobile Monday industry networking event. Analysts expect Nokia to unveil new smartphones at the annual Nokia World media and industry conference in Barcelona on Tuesday. The expected launch has created a buzz on the Internet, but unlike many other mobile phone announcements no pictures of the new products have been leaked. Nokia added on Monday also a countdown timer to the Internet page for Nokia World, something which has in the past indicated company's major announcements.

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