Nokia E63 vs Nokia E71 Comparison: Features/Differences

Here are the differences between the budget E63 and the high-end E71:

* The E63 has a colored plastic shell versus the E71’s metal one. The front is a metallic-finish, whilst the back cover is a soft-touch finish - both attract far few fingerprints than the E71’s.

* The E63 is nearly identical in dimensions to the E71 except for the depth - the E63 is around 1.5 times the depth of the E71.

* The E63 has a 3.5mm jack on top versus the E71’s 2.5mm jack on the side. This appears to be the first E-series to have a standard headphone socket - something normally saved for N-series.

* The E63 has no side buttons for volume or voice recording. It’s also missing the E71’s IR window.

* The E63 has a revised keyboard layout, adding a ‘/’ button on the lower row, shortening the space bar.

* The E63 appears to have a slightly smaller dimension screen although it is the same 320 by 240 pixels as the E71.

* The E63 lacks internal GPS.

* The E63 does not support HSDPA data.

* The E63 has the same 110 meg internal memory, but is shipped without an additional memory card (although a slot to add one is present).

* The E63 has a 2MP camera versus the E71’s 3.2MP and has a fixed focus.

* The E63 adds a flashlight function that allows the camera’s LED flash to be used as a torch.

* The E63 lacks the E71’s faux-leather slip case.

And here's the key business features still present in the E63:

* WiFi
* 3G (there had been some rumours this was 2G only)
* Microsoft Exchange sync via MailForExchange
* Expandable memory
* Fast operation and stable S60 3rd Edition FP1 OS
* Pre-installed QuickOffice
* E-series security and encryption functions
* Huge 1500mAh battery


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  1. whoa, many thanks for the review, u really make my life a little bit easier...

    just curious, how much is the current price of E71 in spore???

    just friendly Q from Msia


  2. What is the difference between the Nokia e63 international version and the US version? US version shows 3G and other shows international 3G?

  3. I just purchased the e63 and it is about to come in a couple of days. I have been wanting the e71 for awhile now but saw that the e63 was available and cheaper. I am currently using a flashed samsung blackjack which wont let me send or receive any mms. I pray that this e63 is all that the talk is saying. I cant keep buying new phones every 6 months.

  4. means which phone is better nokia E63 or E71???

  5. i have a nokia e71and have compared it to my cousins e63...theres no comparison, the e63 is so budget looking..its like someone was making the e71 with there eyes closed!!..the e71 looks sleeker and theres no mistaking quality.

  6. then am gonna get me e71 :)
    thanx for those info bro