Mcdonald's Sued for $3 Million for Pictures in a Mobile Phone Left at Their Restaurant

Never ever take compromising photos or videos on your phone, or this might happen...

Tina Sherman, of Bella Vista, Fayetteville, Arkansas, sent undressed photos of herself to her husband’s cell phone.

One day, her husband, Phillip Sherman, forgot his phone in McDonald’s on Sixth Street in Fayetteville, on July 5, 2008.
Tina Sherman was shocked to receive lewd text messages and phone calls about her pictures.

Tina Sherman then found out that her photos were uploaded online and her contact details were also posted. The website described how McDonald’s employees retrieved the photos from a cell phone left in their restaurant.

Phillip Sherman and Tina Sherman have named McDonald’s Corp., Matthews Management Co. and a manager, Aaron Brummley, in the lawsuit. McDonald employees had promised Phillip Sherman to secure, turn off and safeguard the cell phone until Sherman came to retrieve it. The Shermans are suing for a minimum of $3 million.

source: celebgalz ,inquisitr

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