Nokia E71 vs E61i vs E61 Live Pictures

source: flickr, symbianfrance, allaboutsymbian

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  1. My bigest conern regarding the E71 is font size. My e61i is readable, but the font on my E51 and 6120 clasic is not. Hase Nokia reduced the size of the fonts on the E71 to compensate for a smaller screen? If so, the phone will not be useful to me. Thanks.

  2. If you are talking about web browsing then you should use Opera Mini for the E71 and there is a setting to increase the size of the font, and Opera Mini has a good zoom feature.

  3. Finnish giant Nokia seems to set its attention on the business-folk and its recently released Nokia E7 is also no exception. Running on Symbian 3 operating system, this business Smartphone is luring their heart with its a slew of business-oriented peculiarities.