Diamond Encrusted, Gold/Platinum Blackberry Pearl

Bling King Alexander Amosu has already covered our much-loved mobile phones and other accessories in diamonds, including the limited edition diamond Nokia N95 8GB, luxury MOTOPURE H12 Bluetooth headset, diamond-encrusted Apple iPhone, and the RAZR2 V8 Luxury Diamond Edition phone.

This time, the world’s most prestigious customization company has added a glittering new range of diamond encrusted Blackberry Pearls to their range of luxurious diamond encrusted mobile phones. With three different models on offer, the range will appeal to even the most discerning customer.

The Model 1 (Pearl Gold Edition) comes in your choice of solid white gold, yellow gold or platinum. The Model 2 (Pearlific) is made from solid gold with intricate diamond pattern designs. The Model 3 (Pearl Diamond) is modeled in solid gold and hand cut diamonds. The Blackberry Pearl Limited Diamond Edition has the sides and bottom adorned with 18k Solid White Gold. Approximately 900 brilliant cut diamonds of 12ct have been used to beautify the phone.

The Amosu Blackberry collection is custom made and handcrafted using exceptional materials and the finest craftsmanship. Each piece takes four weeks to complete.

All diamonds used on the phones are fair-trade and also recyclable, as they can be removed from one handset and be recast onto another, meaning your investment continues to shine. The Gold Edition sets you back £12,000 while the Pearl Limited Diamond Edition sells for a whopping £45,000.

source: bornrich

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