Stylus for the iPhone

Ten One Design, announces the product launch of the Pogo Stylus, specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The Pogo Stylus is the first iPhone-compatible stylus. It offers the user faster typing, greater comfort, and a familiar input method for navigation. The Pogo Stylus sports an ultra-light aluminum body with a matte anodized finish and an advanced foam tip that is compatible with the multi-touch screen. This tip, with less surface area than a fingertip, gives the user greater accuracy when typing on the iPhone keyboard and navigating the user interface.

Those users with larger fingers or long fingernails who find typing difficult will appreciate the greater accuracy the Pogo Stylus affords. In addition to eliminating typos and mistaken touches, the Pogo Stylus also keeps the screen free of smudges and grease.

In order to provide ready and portable access, the Pogo Stylus includes a Travel Clip. The clip firmly hugs the contours of iPhone and iPod touch and secures the stylus along the side of each.

The Pogo Stylus will be available for purchase on December 1, 2007 for $24.95.

source: gsmhelpdesk, tenonedesign

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