Nokia 5710 S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 Screenshots

The next version of S60, before the touch version slated for late next year, will be S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2. It was previewed by Mobile Review earlier this year, but now we have the first screenshots from an actual device. Somehow someone got their hands on a 5710, which has specifications that vary according to who you ask, but what is certain is that the device looks like a black 5700. You can play with 3.2 by yourself if you download the SDK and emulator from Forum Nokia here.

Having previously used a FP2 equipped device at the S60 Summit in Madrid earlier this year and at various “Evening with S60″ parties I can say that the first thing you will notice is how snappy the operating system is. The transition effects are also very subtle, to the point that the only way you notice them is if you turn them off and the device just doesn’t feel right. Expect the first FP2 devices to be rolled out in Q12008 along with Flash Lite 3 support.

source: intomobile

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