Nokia E51 Released, Widely Available

The new E-series business phone, the Nokia E51, which was officially announced last September, is now widely available in Germany. Pictures above are taken by the phone's proud owners...(available for about 300 to 350 Euros). Also seen in Ebay Germany...

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  1. Great job with the pictures. The phone has not yet been released in India(Delhi) yet but its worth looking forward to. The E51 has definitely been appraised with specs & looks definitely. Its a good competition to the E90 as well especially for the segment of people who do not like carrying a bulky phone.

  2. Nice pics!! The E51 is the best smartphone in compare to E65, This works really good for the business user and for consumers who want to stay on top of their lives. If it’s a kind of business phone than it doesn’t mean that it also big-sized device featuring an unsightly design. However its true for other models but E51 is highly compact and having light weight. Its other feature includes two MB camera, no video calling, Memory 130 MB. If you are looking for entertainment centric phone then I would recommend you to go elsewhere as it is for Business users.