New Sony Ericsson Phone (W750i ?) to Be Launched with Stereo Speakers, HSDPA

We get a heads-up on the new Sony Ericsson handset

We’ve uncovered a few sneaky facts about the imminent new handset from Sony Ericsson – for which there is no name, yet.

Slipping a couple of bucks to a back-street shoe-cleaner, we learned the new mobile will support HSDPA as standard and pack stereo speakers.

There were also rumblings of an improved storage capacity though we can’t confirm the size. By the sounds of it, Sony Ericsson is sticking to its mastery of the Walkman brand on a mobile as the key feature of the new handset. That can only be a good thing.

We’ll bring you more information next week when the phone is officially announced.

source: stuff.tv

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