N82 Initial Hands-on Pictures and Impressions

*Feels very speedy overall, camera starts very quickly. The lens is recessed and has the sliding cover, just the way I like it. The camera is activated by a switch, let me tell you this thing feels incredible to use. It has a nice click to it and reacts very very quickly. The images are again very clean with very little image noise. Remember those N73 pictures with the over usage of edge-enhancment and noise reduction? Those days are finally gone as the N82 are very neutral, has very little noise and they have kept the image enhancement to a minimum. The N82 clearly makes the best pictures in the Nseries, beating even the N95.

*The N82 is a huge finger print magnet, especially the front. But the white back won’t show finger prints that easily. But it does make for a slippery device. The design is very oblong, looks very N73-ish and in fact it’s supposed to be the successor to that device.

*The phone feels very speedy overall. It has native auto-rotation. The rotation almost instantly, even when using TV-out. Only negative point it that the camera and the icons don’t re-orient when you turn the phone.

*Just like the N95 8GB and N81 the screen is same height as the rest of the body.

*Stereo speakers are not on the opposite sites, but are both on the right side.

*microUSB is present on the left side with microSD support.

source: thenokiaguide, womworld,

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