Iphone Workshop, Hints at Iphone Launch in Canada?

Over the past month there have been several reports and even one press statement from a beer manufacturer that was quickly retracted, all hinting that the iPhone was on its way to Canada. Now, after most of these have been put to rest, the biggest tip-off of all comes directly from Apple itself.

Apple’s legendary stance on secrecy can be annoying, frustrating and many other things, but it is especially ironic when the company itself slips up and lets information slip through its fingers. It was no secret that the iPhone was coming to Canada sooner or later, but the exact timeframe has never been discussed, being exclusively the subject of rumor mongering.
Appletell’s Michael Mistretta stumbled upon a very interesting entry on the workshop list for Apple’s Eaton Center store in Canada, namely the ‘iPhone Workshop: Getting Started’ which will be taking place between 2 and 3 PM on the 10th of November.

The workshop date listed is very soon, which makes sense as workshops need to be announced a few days ahead. Furthermore, Apple will be launching the iPhone in the UK Friday, November 9th, just one day before the listed date of the workshop. Apple isn’t likely to pull a surprise iPhone Canada announcement, just days before the long scheduled and announced UK launch, so the only thing that would make sense is for them to launch it at the same time. Then again, Apple has previously split such announcements apart, even if only by a day.

Of course, this could all be just a typo, or some sort of publicity move, but it is highly unlikely as Apple has enough iPhone press as it is and ‘iPhone Workshop: Getting Started’ is a bit of a stretch for a typo. In any case, unlike other such instances, one only has until Friday to wait and see if this is true or not.

source: softpedia

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