T-Mobile UK Launches Sidekick Slide

T Mobile's Sidekick Slide, crafted by mobile giants Motorola, has at last launched in the UK.

As the name suggests, you'll find a slide out QWERTY board underneath the ample screen, letting you pound out emails and fire off pointless instant message chatter.

T's web'n'walk service means you can get cheap and speedy access to the web, the meaty display allowing you to see full web pages, not specially designed mobile ones.

The on board MP3 player supports WMA, non-DRM AACs and MP3, so you can get friendly with iTunes and Windows Media Player. And thanks to a tie-in with Danger, Inc, you'll be able to back up all your content, from photos to numbers, on your own personalised web page.

It's out next month and is free on T's Flext 30 plus web'n'walk tariff.

source: T3

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