Special Edition Beyonce Upstage Phone - "B'Phone"

The beautiful Beyonce was out in full force today launching the special edition Beyonce Upstage phone. The new "B'Phone" by Samsung is similar to the Ultra Music Phone in that it features the popular dual-face handset which everyone seems to be taking a liking to.

What's unique about this phone is the fact that it includes a digital power amp, making the sound quality quite impressive for such a small phone. Other great features include a quick PC sync to easily create playlists, a 1.3-megapixel camera and bluetooth technology.

Wondering where Beyonce fits into all of this? The UpStage will come preloaded with Beyonce content and new B'Phone owners will receive access to load video and music content from Sprint.com including exclusive Beyonce photo gallery and videos, as well as a childhood song from Beyonce when she was 10.

This hot new burgundy and gold cell is said to hit Sprint and Wal-Mart stores on November 4.

source: geeksugar

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