Skype Phone Nearing Launch

Sometime next month it is rumored (more than a rumor though…) that 3 Mobile will be releasing the 3 SkypePhone, a new phone that allows people to use Skype just like they would on their home computer (ie free calls to other skype users) - but where ever they are, on their mobile phone. That means that when you want to call someone else who has a skype account, even if you are miles away from your home computer you can just login to skype on your phone (like you would on your computer) and start chatting away - for free.

A contact of ours sent us a picture of the new 3 Skype Phone, and we are very impressed. We are not allowed to show you it though, so here is a very blurred image (can’t really tell at all what it looks like) but trust us, it is very sexy.

We know a few details about the 3 Skype Phone, including:
  • 2 Megapixel camera
  • Photo editing and effects function
  • Video capture
  • MP3 player
  • Inbuilt equalizer which enhances reproduction delivering great bass
  • Simple navigation for browsing the library

The 3Skypephone comes in 3 great colours and will be available on Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go for the festive season market. It will also be the only phone available on the new £12 Mix and Match 100 tariff which offers 100 minutes or texts or any mix of the two.

source: ukphonenews

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