Nokia Opens Flagship Store in China, Largest in the World

Shanghai, China - Nokia announced the grand opening of the first Nokia Flagship Store in Mainland China, the only stand-alone Nokia Flagship Store and the largest in the world. The Nokia Shanghai Flagship Store is the seventh of 18 planned Flagship Stores and is the second in the region following the opening of the premier Asia Pacific Flagship Store in Hong Kong.
Five Chinese celebrities served as Nokia ambassadors at the opening ceremony - Hu Yan Bing, VJ Li Chen, An Yu Xuan, Du Cong, and Lian Du.

The Nokia Shanghai Flagship Store is equipped to provide an interactive multimedia experience with a state-of-the-art audio and video system that creates a comfortable and energizing environment. Upon entering the front doors, display screens help consumers identify the area of the store containing the products that best meet their needs. Detailed information for a particular product appears on a nearby digital display as a consumer picks up the product. This system helps to create a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience by making mobile technology easy for everyone to understand.
All of the products on display are connected to the store's network, and thus linked to a selection of relevant Nokia accessories such as wireless speakers, headsets, and printers. Consumers can enjoy a complete mobile experience with applications such as navigation, e-mail, music, games, and weather forecasts, among others. The multimedia displays even allow consumers to send text messages to consumers shopping at other Nokia Flagship Store locations around the world.
In addition to these features, the store offers personalized customer service. Staff members at the Nokia Flagship Store are highly trained graduates of Nokia's award-winning Nokia Academy. The staff team provides consumers with personal attention and guidance in selecting mobile products that best-suit their diverse needs.

Located on Nanjing East Road in the most prestigious fashion district and business center of Shanghai, the Nokia Shanghai Flagship Store is front-line attraction, allowing the more than 500,000 consumers who pass by every day to experience the future of mobile life.

To mark the grand opening of the Shanghai Flagship Store, Nokia launched the Pass-It-On campaign, which was inspired by its consumer vision of "Connecting people." The campaign began with five famous influencers - famous singer Hu Yan Bing, An Yi Xuan, VJ Li Chen, philanthropist Du Chong, and Lian Du, the owner of a famous dance school. All of them participated in the opening ceremony and shared their mobile life experiences.
To support the Pass-It-On campaign, Nokia launched an official website named meet-your-city (www.meet-your-city.com). Consumers can log onto this website to meet mobile users in different cities and to become involved in the Pass-It-On campaign.

source: nokia press release

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