Nokia Music Store Launch

Is that a Nokia in your pocket? Then why not whip it out in celebration, for the Finnish phone funlovers are all set to launch their own music store tomorrow.

Called, drum roll please, the Nokia Music Store, you’ll be able to buy tracks at an iTunes alike 80p per song and £8 per album, slap them on your Windows Media Player, then sync up with your cell.

However, if you lucky enough to be carting around an N81 or N95, then you’ll be able to access the entire library on the move, using 3G and WiFi to download your favourite bizarreo folk.

Considering the iTunes WiFi store is just that, WiFi, we’re looking at a major development. 3G to buy the song that’s floating round your head? Yes please.

As for format, tracks will be coming in WMA for the most part and will be completely slathered in DRM.

So no playing nice with your iPod here.

Nokia is promising millions of tunes and a Napster style streaming service for £8 a month, letting you access the entire catalogue.

Hearty round of applause Nokia, it looks like you’re onto a winner.

source: t3

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