Iphone Nano Live Pics?

Today, the first live photos of the iPhone Nano showed up at Gadgetzone. Is this device fake and or does Apple really think about bringing an iPhone Nano to the market? A clear confirmation of the device has not been given yet, but we can conclude that the photos of the iPhone Nano look a lot like the regular Apple iPhone.

The Apple iPhone Nano seems to have the same display as the Apple iPhone has, only smaller. Besides this the device is surrounded by the same silver color as we recognize with the Apple iPhone. What we can see besides this is that even the menu key is the same as with the original device.

Where the Apple iPhone is about 11.5 centimeters long, the iPhone Nano would be about eight centimeters. With this it could become a really compact device and a nice gadget for the Apple fans.

Distinctive with the photos of the Apple iPhone Nano is that the port for the charger and the headset are placed at the bottom of the device and not at the top as with the regular Apple iPhone.

At this moment, the Apple iPhone Nano is more a rumor than reality. Is the device on the photo for real or is it fake? Will this device offer 3G functionality or only 2G just as with the Apple iPhone? These questions will probably not be answered any time soon.

source: gadgetzone.nl, gsmhelpdesk

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