Iphone 4th Best Selling US Phone

The iPhone was the top-selling device at AT&T during the third quarter, and the fourth-ranked cellphone in the US as a whole, according to a report by research group Strategy Analytics. Approximately 1.1 million iPhones were sold through Apple and AT&T outlets in Q307, bringing the total number of units sold since the Q2 launch to 1.325 million. Q3 sales of the phone consumed 13 percent of all AT&T sales, and made it the fourth-best selling handset in the US, with its position likely to increase. "The sales trajectory we are observing with the iPhone could make it the top selling device in the US over the next 1-2 quarters," says Strategy Analytics' Barry Gilbert.

The number one cellphone in the US is presently Motorola's RAZR V3, famous for its metallic sheen and thin form factor. But even its sales are being whittled away due to the launch of newer and better models, Strategy Analytics notes.

Demographics indicate that the average iPhone buyer is college-educated, and fairly wealthy, coming from a household with six-figure income. Most buyers are between 20 and 30 years old, but almost 25 percent of them are between 50 and 60, indicating that the iPhone is not merely a youth trend. Within the broader spectrum, most owners say they are very satisfied with the device's design and features; complaints increase, however, when it comes to issues such as reliability, battery life, instructions and customer support.

source: electronista

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