T-Mobile Germany Iphone Rate Plans

Following the official announcement in September, T-Mobile and Apple today announced three rate plans for users of the iPhone in Germany, starting at €49 per month. Called “iPhone Complete” plans, all three include unlimited data, Visual Voicemail and access to T-Mobile’s more than 8,000 Wi-Fi HotSpots in Germany.

Apple's popular device is scheduled to go on sale on November 9 and will be sold in Germany through Telekom Shops of Deutsche Telekom and the T-Mobile website and will require a new 2-year T-Mobile rate plan; it will be available in an 8GB model for €399 including V.A.T.

The entry level €49 "Complete M" plan offers 100 minutes and 40 SMS messages, while the "Complete L" for €69 offers 200 minutes and 150 SMS messages. The highest plan "Complete XL" plan offers 1000 minutes and 300 SMS messages for €89. The company said that additional minutes will be €0.39/minute for the "M" and "L" plans and €0.29/minute for the "XL" plan, while text messages over the allotted number will be an additional €0.29 per message. The company is also charging a one-time set-up free of €25, but it is unclear whether existing T-mobile customers will be charged this fee.

source: macnn

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