DoCoMo Wellness Phone

When we talk about DoCoMo, you either have no idea what that is, or you’ll start thinking about those super high-spec phones. At the CEATEC show this morning, apart from the usual amazing line-up, a really cool-looking but very, very mean concept phone was also spotted.

DoCoMo said that this Wellness concept phone was supposed to help raise the health awareness of the user. It certainly can, crashing a lot of egos along the way. (Seriously, check the language on the screen if you know Japanese) Not only can the concept phone serve as a pedometer and upload your secret work-out progress online; it will also measure your body’s fat content. The most intriguing function is perhaps the bad-breath meter. Right, fat content by electrical impedence but what about the breath? Methane? Anyone?

source: gearfuse

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