Bang & Olufsen Serenata Phone Officially Launched

Teaser site finally reveals all..

*Hi-fi speakers - "features two high quality transducers which deliver precise signal processing"
*No distortion - "when a trumpet hits a high note or a singer hits a low note, you'll still hear the extremes in octaves"
*Brilliance of Bass - "using a psycho-acoustic phenomenon, impeccable sound designed to astound you"
*Ergonomic ear set - "the fit is so snug, you'll hear notes which would otherwise never make it to your ear, so comfortable you'll forget you're even wearing it"
*Button-less browsing - "operations are made via the wheel, the Go button and the sensi-touch screen"
*Immerse yourself in music - "let yourself get lost in the music by switching to PureMusic mode"
*At the forefront of formats - "embraces the latest, greatest high performance music formats, all stored in the massive 4GB Memory"
*A mini music system - "plug in Earset 3 for private listening, unfold the speaker for an impressive sound at the office or at the beach, or connect to B & O music systems for an impressive sound that will speak for itself"

source: www.serenatamobile.com

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