Apple Sued Over Hazardous Chemicals in Iphone

The Center for Environmental Health today announced that it is suing Apple over its iPhone cellular handset. The suit is based on a report by Greenpeace, which revealed hazardous materials in the construction of the smartphone. Greenpeace earlier this month announced the results of tests conducted by its UK labs, showing the presence of PVCs and brominated flame retardants (BFRs). The report claims that half of 18 internal and external iPhone parts contain brominated material, including the device's antenna. The suit's demands are as yet unclear. "There is no reason to have these potentially hazardous chemicals in iPhones," said Michael Green, executive director of Center for Environmental Health. "We expect Apple to reformulate their products to make them safer from cradle to grave, so they don’t pose a threat to consumers, workers or the environment."

California's Proposition 65 law requires companies to place a warning label on any product that can expose consumers to phthaltes, reproductive toxins, or carcinogens. Apple's iPhone carries no such label, despite a recent promise to improve its manufacturing methods by abandoning harmful substances over time.

source: macnn

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