Apple Launches Web-Apps for IPhone Website

Apple today officially launched its Web-apps for iPhone website, after much anticipation earlier this week. Apple's site, modeled after its own software download site, lists over 200 third-party Web-based applications optimized and available for Apple's popular device, providing a description, company name information (name/URL) and date added. Previously, the company posted a Web-app development guide to help developers optimize and tune their Web applications. While users, developers, and companies have been clamoring over native application, the Cupertino-based company will reportedly focus on Web-based applications for the near future; however, new rumors indicate that the company may be preparing a broader-based native application strategy that would require certification.
Apple has categorized the listing by Most Recent, Most Popular, Alphabetical and Staff Picks. Currently, the most popular programs are the Facebook app, Bejeweled, Sudoku, and a Twitter app called Hahlo.

source: macnn

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