Apple Forced to Sell Unlocked Iphone in France

Apple and its wireless partner in France, Orange, will sell an unlocked version of the iPhone, a spokeswoman for Orange confirmed to the International Herald Tribune. The unlocked iPhone will carry a premium price, although the companies did not say how much more it would be.

Apple is being forced to sell an unlocked iPhone in France because of a French law that forbids bundling the sale of a mobile phone and a mobile operator. As announced yesterday, iPhones locked to the Orange network will cost €399 or about US$565.

iPhone users in the United States clearly want an unlocked iPhone — as soon as the device was released on June 29, work began to break into the device freeing it from the AT&T network.

Apple announced plans to enter the mobile market in the UK and Germany last month. iPhones will start selling in both of those countries on November 9, 2007 — neither will be able to sell an unlocked iPhone.

source: macworld

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