What's Worse than Unwittingly Buying a Cellphone Clone? Read on...

According to cable television channel ETTV, a Taiwan man bought three Nokia N73 cellphone with a built-in digital camera at a cellphone store in China because the handsets were cheaper than in Taiwan.

But after he returned to Taiwan, he realized that the cellphones did not work. When he opened the case, he found the circuit board was a piece of plastic board painted to look real.

The man took the fake Nokia cellphone to a Taipei cellphone shop and found that the Chinese fakes looked the same as the real Nokia N73 cellphone sold by the Taipei shop.

"I think the Chinese shop owner showed him a real Nokia cellphone, but sold him fakes which he hid under the counter," the shop owner said on ETTV.

For 600 US dollars, the Taiwan man bought three toy cellphones.

source: cellular-news

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