Gizmodo gives the IPhone a "Don't Buy" Rating

Tired of being pushed around by Apple's greed and ham-fisted approach to locking down its hardware, gadget giant Gizmodo has brought down the hammer by giving the Apple iPhone a (rare) "don't buy" rating. Ouch, that smarts.

Gizmodo (which is hardly alone in the new Apple bashing) originally told users to "Wait" on the device for more applications to be included, hoping that a 1.1 firmware update would correct some earlier, obvious defects like the inability to send MMS messages, record videos, make your own ringtones, or use the device for mass storage. But Apple's latest release infamously fixed little of that. Yes, you can purchase ringtones now and access iTunes via Wi-Fi, but Apple also went out of its way to disable all unlocking and customizing that more enterprising users have developed. That's a picture of Gizmodo editor's iPhone just before upgrading it with the latest firmware. Afterwards, it looks just like any other device.

Gizmodo's ire on behalf of hardcore gadget enthusiasts is rightfully placed: Apple was probably never going to introduce these features on its own and intentionally "bricked" the devices as part of its most recent update. Gizmodo even goes so far as to call the update "malicious," after washing his hands of the device until its opened to third-party apps.

source: yahoo news

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