Cubic Mobile - World's First Truly Global Phone

Cubic Telecom unveiled what many industry watchers are calling the world's first true global phone. Presenting onstage at TechCrunch40 before a 800-plus crowd of hi-tech entrepreneurs, journalists and other industry influencers, the company announced Cubic Mobile, a mobile phone package that effectively makes "all global calls local calls," dramatically reducing costs for both callers and recipients of global phone calls when roaming internationally.

Cubic Mobile is a dual-band GSM/Wi-Fi phone that comes with several major innovations enabling callers to make and receive low-cost calls around the planet, wherever they may roam:

* MAXroam, the world's first universal SIM, offering consumers the best country-to-country phone rates anywhere. The MAXroam SIM, which can also be purchased separately, is a major breakthrough, and the result of years of negotiations with GSM carriers around the world.

* Full PBX functionality on the handset. Consumers get a single phone number, but can create multiple permanent local numbers for themselves -- up to 50 -- anywhere around the globe. All calls are forwarded to their Cubic Mobile phone, no matter where the calls originate, at the best rates for the callers.

* All Voice over IP (VoIP) calls within the Cubic network are free. All Cubic Mobile customers get a short code that they can use to make free VoIP calls to any other customer on the Cubic network. This is an especially attractive feature to families who live across borders and globally distributed companies and workgroups.

Pricing and Availability

* Cubic Mobile, which comes in two models, will be available October 1st at www.cubictelecom.com. The basic model will sell for $135 and a Windows Mobile version at $219 (both handsets come with a MAXroam SIM included and an initial $8 calling credit).

* MAXRoam, which operates on any unlocked GSM phone, can be purchased separately for $40 (with an initial $8 calling credit) and is available on September 27th at www.maxroam.com.

source: fiercewireless

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